onsdag 19 maj 2021

Photo session with SLBphoto

 As I wouldn’t be nervous about this? Managed to look like I knew what I did after all.

This after I got asked about being part of Mattias, Mattis, Karlsson’s photo project. This will exhibited, and some will even end up in a book. Time line of his project is about 1,5 year from now. These and some other awesome pictures of my lövely family was taken the past weekend.

Check out @slbfoto for great photos. And keep an eye on his work for the coming result.

Thanks for including us @slbfoto ❤️

#lost #confusedartist #metalartist #upcycleartist #recycleartist #weldartist #chaosartist #junkartist #myart #slbphotography #punkphotography 

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